Snow Days are Meant for Sharing

I grew up in Buffalo, New York so snow days are a significant part of my childhood. I remember (long before WiFi) turning on the local radio station the morning of a big snow fall at 6:00 on-the-dot to see if the sweet words would ring aloud that my school was closed. When my school district was finally called-a celebration of jumping up and down would occur followed by another four hours of sleep. Growing up in the city of snow-when a snow day came our way it meant there was a TON of snow in our front yards. We were all “stuck” at home. Before our teenage years of sleeping the day away and fighting over the house phone, we would spend hours playing in the snow before heading in mid-day for a hot meal and an afternoon of Full House and Family Matters re-runs. Besides the unexpected day off of school and awesome snow ball forts and fights, it was a day for family. A day that the busyness of life came to a halt and everything that really matter was given an opportunity to stop and embrace itself.

fireplaceYesterday morning as the weather forecast crept in-I desperately hoped for a snow day as did the rest of the city. Down “south”, we really appreciate the rarity of these days and take advantage of every moment when we get them. Confirmation came at 5pm. Snow day! I was so relieved.

And then I got home.

My house was chilly and empty and I started to feel so down. I couldn’t pin point it. I could stay up late, sleep in and spend the day in pajamas. What could be so wrong with that? So I set the stage and tried to shake it off. I built a fire and made myself the traditional snowy day favorite-grilled cheese and tomato soup. I jumped into my coziest pajamas and fluffy slippers and sank into a huge cup of chamomile tea. But the tears still came.

It hit me. I’d be sharing this snow day alone. An overwhelming feeling of loneliness crept in and I felt sick to my stomach. I’m sure I’ve had snow days to myself before but this one was hitting me hard. The truth is that I shouldn’t be alone. Today I should not have been able to sleep in. Today I should be watching movies with my husband and playing with my baby on this unexpected day off as a family. But that’s not what would be happening. And so the tears came flowing.window

Then Bret called. I held back tears but he knew I was feeling pretty down. About thirty minutes after we hung up I received a funny text message to gossip about my favorite (and his least favorite) reality show. I immediately began to laugh. He painfully stayed awake to watch his least favorite show in the world and did what any “bestie” would do-text back and forth with me about all the juicy details. I laughed and laughed and through the miles I started to feel less and less lonely. I curled up with my dogs and Jake’s blanket and slept away the night. I awoke to the beautiful sight of still white snow all around.blanket

My heart felt warm this morning. I watched my dogs play in this wondrous cold stuff. And today Jake’s blanket is with me on the couch.

I am far from alone. I have a wonderful husband who would give me the world, two fur babies who know how to make this girl laugh, four sweet babies in heaven that are never more than a deep breath away and a Lord who never leaves my side.

Some may call me crazy but today, I feel like the lucky one.


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