July 2015 Article for PALS

This month over at PALS, I write reflect upon our first IUI after taking a long break from trying for another baby. Read about the ten reasons that I feel ready for pregnancy again.

3.  I am laughing again at home injections, “dropping the swimmers off at the doctor”, the awkward time in the waiting room holding a tube of semen & all of the strangeness that comes with infertility stuff. I even took a silly selfie with Mr. Ultrasound Wand to prove it.selfie

4. I don’t cry at appointments anymore, at least not these ones.

5. I can say the word baby and not fall apart.

These may seem small to some but to me these are monumental signs that I am as ready as I can be for this journey. So with an open heart and hands in prayer, I will also do my best to embrace the wait until our time arrives. I will also have fun with it when my heart feels light and take silly selfies to track my journey so that one day I will have a different story for my baby about my journey to bringing him/her home.

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