Happy Half Birthday

Today makes six months. Six months since you physically arrived into this world. Six months since I last held you. Six months since I read to you while you were in my arms. Six months since my heart expanded and broke at the same exact moment. Six months.

You should be sitting up by now, laughing and loving the innocent game of peek-a-boo. You should be intrigued by funny faces and holding your own bottle. You should be here on my chest right now as I love on you after a long day of work. Your Daddy and I should be exhausted from late nights and early mornings. We should barely be able to recall the last time we had a grown up date. We should be racing home from work each day knowing you are waiting for us, knowing we spent the entire day thinking about getting home to you. 

Today we should be posting sweet pictures of you for your half birthday.We should be overwhelmed by how fast the time has gone and how much you have grown in  such a short amount of time.

Instead, we continue to dream about the should haves and hope with every fiber of our being that we get this time again with you when we finally get home to you.

We miss you sweet boy. We miss you so very much. There are truly no adequate words to explain how much we ache and long for you. 

Happy Half-Birthday Jake.Your birthday’s will always count to us. 

We will always celebrate your life. 

Mommy & Daddy

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