April 2015 Article for PALS

I am honored to be sharing my journey of trying to conceive after loss at Pregnancy After Loss Support. You can follow me monthly as a navigate this new yet familiar waters of trying to get pregnant after our losses.

This is my first article in whichpals-1-225x300 I reflect upon the emotions of my very first month trying again after a much needed 9 month break.

“What I’ve noticed so far is that I feel a bit in denial. It’s as if I have accepted that we are trying to get pregnant but haven’t come close to accepting that we could actually be pregnant in two weeks. Pregnant…with.a.baby. It’s a lot to take in after you’ve been broken down by this exact dream and reality before. Many times before. You see the process of getting there is always so long for us that I am convinced we have time to prepare for the baby part. But maybe we don’t.”

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